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Friday, March 6, 2015

Book Review - Meet the Marvel Super Heroes

Meet the Marvel Super Heroes

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About the Book
An A to Z guide to the heroes of the Marvel Universe, from Ant-Man to Hulk to Wolverine, with everyone else in between! Meet the Marvel Super Heroes will give detailed descriptions of everyone's favorite characters, including origins, powers, and secret identities. Full of trivia and fun facts on more than 100 heroes, this exciting book is sure to delight Marvel fans, young and old!

In addition, this hardcover book features a reversible jacket that can be used as a poster!

My Take on the Book
This is a most complete alphabetical listing of super heroes I have seen.It contains an enormous amount of information about each super hero. There is a question and answer section on each super hero page that supplies additional specific facts. You will note who the super hero's friends are, who they prefer to work with on assignments, and special small facts about each super hero.

For example: Did you know Black Widow's "bites" can shoot electrical charges, lasers, or projectiles? Or did you know Guardians of the Galaxy's main base used to be a living skull of a celestial being?

This book has hours of reading for the child who wants more information about the super heroes. The illustrations are beautifully detailed and colorful. There are many extra visuals to accompany the information too. I believe you will find this to be an excellent resource for someone who enjoys learning about super heroes.

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