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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Book Review - Petlandia

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About the Book
A houseful of pets has declared their independence--but now they're fighting like cats and dogs!

In Peter Hannan's delightfully absurd, illustrated chapter book PETLANDIA, a family of pets has kicked their snoring, sniveling humans to the curb, and declared the house an independent nation. But who will lead the new country of Petlandia?

Tricky feline (and dictator-wannabe) Mrs. Wigglesworth is expecting to be waited on like a queen. It's all foot rubs and ice cream sundaes from here on out! But doofy dog Grub and his lovesick sidekick Honeybaked Hamster want equal representation, and they have the masses on their side.

It's a dog-eat-dog world, and soon Petlandia has descended into all-out civil war!

My Take on the Book
There is an animal revolution going on in the human's house. All the pets are tired of being bossed around so they literally kicked the humans out of their house. The animals named their new territory Petlandia.

The rest of the chapter book is devoted to the cat, Madame Wigglesworth, and the dog, Grub, in a battle to become the president of Petlandia.They use the democratic voting principle in order to decide the leadership and this is where the problems begin. The main characters find their votes by recruiting insects, rats, frogs, fleas, termites, etc .

There is a constant battle for the presidency in Petlandia. There is arguing, fighting, name calling and other nastiness between the characters. The author put in humor through the use of his play on words and the way the characters mixed up words when they spoke.

The story's conclusion brings the family back into the picture living in the doghouse.You will see the author's creativity in the story's ending.

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