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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Book Review - Whatever After: Bad Hair Day

Whatever After: Bad Hair Day

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About the Book
The magical fifth installment of Sarah Mlynowski's hit series Whatever After!

Abby and Jonah are stuck in yet another fairy tale! This time, the magic mirror sucks them into the story of Rapunzel. When Rapunzel lets down her hair for the siblings to climb, Jonah accidentally shreds it with his soccer cleats. But that's nothing a stylish, TOTALLY professional haircut by Abby can't solve, right? Wrong! Now this tale is all tangled up. Can Abby and Jonah turn this bad hair day around before it's too late?

My Take on the Book
The title "Bad Hair Day" does not give away the adventure that Abby and her brother, Jonah, experience in the fairy tale land . The adventure begins in their basement as they walk through a magic mirror and meet Rapunzel.Of course they have to climb her hair to meet her and that is where the adventure becomes exciting for the reader. Rapunzel is the one who has the "bad hair day" due to Abby and Jonah. There is humor, the experience of trying to get to the castle to meet the prince, and of course returning home to their worried parents.

The chapter book was fun to read. There was problem solving by the children throughout their adventures.

The author definitely left the ending open for Abby and Jonah to enjoy more adventures with other fairy tale characters in future books.

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