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Sunday, March 8, 2015

Stay On Top Of Everything WIth The @D-Link Wireless Outdoor Camera

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About the Camera
Outdoor surveillance during any season is helpful for keeping an eye on things, and with April Fools Day around the corner, neighborhood foot traffic and pranks can be at an all-time high. An outdoor camera like the D-Link HD Outdoor Wi-Fi Camera monitors any seasonal pranksters, and helps you stay one step ahead of anyone else who plans to visit too! Visit D-Link’s blog for steps on how to set up motion detection on a this D-LinkWIFI camera.

Product Features
  • All-Day Outdoor Surveillance - designed to handle any season
  • Day/Night: See up to 15 feet in the Dark Built-in IR LEDs to monitor your home even in complete darkness
  • High Definition video- 720p resolution for crisp, confident clarity
  • micro SD card slot- Allows you to record video directly onto the camera and view at a later time
  • Easy to install anywhere - Built in Wireless N and a 10/100 Ethernet port for flexible and flawless connection throughout your home

My Take on the Camera
While my neighborhood is fairly safe, we have had some issues with teens lately ding dong ditching around our neighborhood, and we have had numerous occasions where, in the middle of the night, our doorbell is hit, we go to the door, and no one was there. That being said, I was excited to try this as a motion detector camera to see what I could see in general and see if we could catch the person in the act. 

The camera was easy to install and set up and while the prankster did not come back in the first week, we did get some images of some animals coming up close to the front door, that I was not expecting. The animal pictures were very high quality, even though it was darker than usual. 

So while our prankster has not been back to our house yet, I have heard that a few other homes have been visited, so we may be on borrowed time. 

That being said, the the images that we have seen thus far, I can tell that any other images that we will receive in the future will be of equal quality, which could help in the identification of the person, and eventually having the person get in trouble with the authorities, or at least with their own parents (as I am guessing it is a teenager, but you never know).

All-in-all I am very impressed thus far. I love the images we have received and know that they will only keep coming for the foreseeable future.

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