Dad of Divas' Reviews: Quiddler Jr. by @set_game Encourages Using Words Early!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Quiddler Jr. by @set_game Encourages Using Words Early!

Quiddler Jr.

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About the Game
Set Enterprises’ MENSA award winning Quiddler game is now made especially for kids! With letter combinations specifically picked for early readers and game play worthy of wordsmiths this word game has something for the whole family.

Quiddler Junior meets players where they are; whether you are an early reader or a seasoned word lover you will have opportunity to have FUN with WORDs in this game. The colorful illustrations and kid-size words on the cards are inviting and instructional for the younger players and yet whimsical and entertaining for adults.
Quiddler Jr.

How to Play
Each Quiddler Junior card contains a letter (or letter group) and a point value; the challenge is to use all of your cards to form one or more words. After one player uses all their cards and “goes out” each of the other players get one more chance to make the best words they can. You earn the points on the cards you were able to form into words. Every round the number of cards dealt increases which
encourages more or longer words. Convenient point chips help keep track of the score until the end of the game. Earn a bonus for the longest word (or give a bonus for a word on this week’s spelling list). Fast paced and fun this game has the whole family playing together!

Quiddler Jr.

My Take on the Game
I am always looking for a great family game, and while I have tried other Set Games in the past, I had heard great things about Quiddler. This is the Junior version of Quiddler and it intrigued me, as I was wondering whether my seven year old would be able to play this by herself or not. In playing this, the cards are wonderfully made with great imagery and graphics and many colors that truly drew my youngest daughter in from the beginning. I came to find that she did need some help at first as only being in first grade had some limitations in regards to the breadth of her vocabulary. As we played though she got better and better and after a few rounds she had the hang of it. By the end of the game she was asking to play it again. This game really challenges you to think and be creative with your words as well as encourages your kids to learn more and more words in the end. This is a great game that I would encourage for all families!

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