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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Book Review - Tell Me What to Dream About

Tell Me What to Dream About
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About the Book
Journey with two sisters into the world of dreams in this delightfully offbeat read-aloud bedtime story.

Little sister asks big sister to tell her what to dream about at bedtime, and big sister presents her with possibilities, such as eating a meal of teeny-tiny waffles with teeny-tiny animals, living in a furry world, and residing in a tree-house town. Little sister is wary of each idea, until together the girls hit upon the perfect dream.

Full of fantastic dreamscapes from each girl's point of view and quirky details that children will want to investigate again and again, this beautiful, irreverant title will inspire the imaginations of readers young and old.

My Take on the Book
Giselle Potter wrote a story of two sisters as they try to go to sleep. According to the author, her two daughters used to ask the same question: "what should i dream about" before going to sleep at night.
The big sister in the book tries to help the little sister by suggesting different topics which the little sister rejects.

There was an interesting dialogue between the the two sisters. It is refreshing to see the creative answers given by the older sister and her patience. The older sister persevered through all the rejections until they both fell asleep.

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