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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Book Review - Sniff! Sniff!

Sniff! Sniff!
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About the Book
A lively puppy is on the loose, sniffing his way through town and causing mischief! But what is the pup sniffing? Readers will follow the clues, from bacon and pancakes at breakfast to garbage cans and fire hydrants in the park, to guess where the dog is running to next. Will he finally find what he is looking for? Author and illustrator Ryan Sias uses bright, dynamic illustrations and minimal text to create a delightfully funny story that will have young readers guessing until the very end.

My Take on the Book
This picture book's illustrations definitely tell the story with very little words written. They are full of color and details. You will see the curious and very active dog as he goes through his day and the emotions of his humans as they follow him . They try to keep him out of the trouble he seems to find easily.

Since there are few words but lots of visual action this story is perfect for a young child. The adult sharing the story could get the child into a rich discussion of what is happening in the story. The child eventually could retell the story in his own words.

The dog shows excitement in discoveries and meets every challenge. Lastly the dog shows his disappointment at being caught and having to go home and take a bath. You see the love this family has for its pet in spite of the dog's inquisitive nature which gets him into some challenging situations.

Enjoy this story with your young child.

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