Dad of Divas' Reviews: One Step Ahead Offers An Array of Halloween Costumes!

Friday, September 26, 2014

One Step Ahead Offers An Array of Halloween Costumes!

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While I know that One Step Ahead offers a ton of different things for kids of many different ages, I was unaware that they also had Halloween Costumes. Anyone that has been following me at all over the years knows that my family and I really get into Halloween and we love to try new costumes and have fun with it.

Every year we try to get into the fun. Even J-Mom and I will dress up. We don't stifle the kids and we let them be who they want to be. This year my eldest daughter is all into Star Wars and she really wanted to be Darth Vader. With that in mind I was happy to be able to work with One Step Ahead to be able to have my daughter try out the Darth Vader Costume that they offered! Now, you might be saying, this is not a costume for girls, and I would say, why not? My daughter and I did talk about the fact that some kids might giggle or say that it is a costume for boys, but I reinforced to her that she can be anything that she wants to be and not to let anyone tell her otherwise.

The Darth Vader costume by itself is definitely not enough and in fact One Step Ahead actually also has accessories for the costume like a darth vader breathing device as well as gloves and a light saber to round out the costume.

When the costume arrived, I found that it was well constructed and I loved how it fit for my daughter, She loved the breathing device and how the whole costume came together to to make a perfect Darth Vader. She is so excited to be Darth Vader for Halloween!

There are so many cute costumes that One Step Ahead offers. Check them out and let me know what you you would pick for your kids.

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