Dad of Divas' Reviews: Citiblocs Let Your Kids Creativity Come To Life!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Citiblocs Let Your Kids Creativity Come To Life!

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What are CitiBlocs?

Citiblocs are high quality wooden construction blocks which inspire both traditional building and modern design. The secret behind Citblocs is that every piece is exactly the same shape and size. Each block is precisely cut from Grade A Radiata Pine from certified renewable forests in New Zealand. Citiblocs Building requires no glue, no snaps, no connectors and no magnets: just gravity, balance and imagination.

Building with Citiblocs is simple: stack one block on top of another. Their specific size and shape and weight allows building that is simply not possible with other building toys. Build a small cabin by the lake or a tower that reaches the stars!

Citiblocs are recommended for ages 3+.

My Take on CitiBlocs
I am always looking for fun products that allow my kids to be creative and this product does just that! As a person growing up with other wooden building today, what I loved about this was that with CitiBlocs you don't have to worry about anything but using the wood itself and it really frees you to be as creative as you want to be. Also, with the size and shape of these pieces, you really can easily create things because of the flat nature of the wood blocs themselves. The other thing that I will mention is that this really allows a parent to get down on the floor with their child, creating something truly wonderful together. My daughters and I had a ton of fun building some very cool things in the time that we have spent playing with these and I know that you will have similar fun with your family too!

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