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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Book Review - The American Community College

The American Community College
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About the Book
For over thirty years The American Community College has provided up-to-date information and statistics about community colleges and has been widely used in graduate courses and by community college scholars, institutional researchers, on-the-ground administrators. The sixth edition includes an entirely new chapter focused on community college outcomes and accountability, as well as new sections dealing with the rise of for-profit colleges; vertical expansion, including dual enrollment and community college baccalaureates; cross-sector collaboration; student characteristics and enrollment patterns; the implications of part-time faculty; leadership and administrative challenges; revenue generation and state allocation patterns, including performance-based funding; distance learning; statewide efforts to improve transfer and articulation; and, finally, a response to contemporary criticisms of the institution. All chapters and data have been updated, and each chapter includes guiding questions for reflection and discussion.

My Take on the Book
This was a book that was filled with amazing resources for anyone that works, wishes to work, or is interested in the American Community College. While I have worked in community colleges in the past this was a fascinating book that really explored all aspects of education at this level as well as the struggles and future implications for this level of education too.

I see this book as something that anyone going into work in higher education should read and understand. With so many students studying at this level, it is important that all student affairs professionals understand the needs of these students as well as the history and function of community colleges in higher education today.

While community colleges are constantly changing, the book does a great job at looking at their niche area currently and where it is headed as we move quickly toward the future.

The book was an easy read and will give any higher education professional a wonderful foundation into Community Colleges in general!

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