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Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Review - Barron's Amazing Fact-Packed, Fold-Out Atlas of the World

Barron's Amazing Fact-Packed, Fold-Out Atlas of the World
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About the Book
Who says geography and social studies have to be boring? When kids crack open this insanely illustrated, outrageously informative atlas, they'll never look at continents, cities, landmarks, and world culture in the same way. From where to find a ring-tailed lemur to the origin of 60 percent of the world's chocolate, this book puts an eye-popping spin on the standard atlas and delves into the details of our world with:

  • Stunning fold-out continent maps that showcase the world's terrains and wildlife
  • A checklist of must-see landmarks and amazing objects for each location
  • Cool historical notes, plus facts on the people, technology, agriculture, and more
  • A spectacular pop-up map of the world and a colorful chart of the world's flags

Starting with an overview of the World at a Glance that includes a look at our place in the solar system, and wrapping up with a detailed dive into earth's oceans, there is hardly a spot on the globe left unexplored by this globetrotting book.

My Take on the Book
The front cover of this book has a large pop-out map of the world with the continents and individual countries labeled. On the same map are the flags of each country. This is colorfully done and very interesting.

The rest of the book was as impressive as the pop-up map. Each continent is written in easy to read text with interesting facts. There are fold out maps that label important points of interest. All the measurements are written in our U.S. standard and metric. There are beautiful photographs that accompany each page. An interesting small section is labeled "must see". It lists the places , events, areas that a traveler needs to make sure they visit. I feel there are hours and hours of learning in this atlas , not only for children but for their parents too.

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