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Friday, September 26, 2014

Book Review - Captain Joe To The Rescue

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About the Book
The Captain Joe Series was designed as a tool for adults to teach children about constructive imagination. The four books are a fun and interactive way to introduce the concept of "Thoughts Turn into Things" (so choose the ones that make you happy) to young children, ages five to nine years. Joe and his thought-zapping superpower will invite children to use their imaginations to constructively choose thoughts that promote healthy self-esteem and self-awareness. Each picture story is designed to teach a key concept. Captain Joe to the Rescue is the first book in the series and introduces Joe and the concept of his 'thought-zapping superpower'. Children will be captivated by Joe and his encounter with Wilfred the friendly wizard. Wilfred presents Joe with a special wand that helps him take charge of his thoughts by ZAPPING away his unhappy thoughts and replacing them with ones that are happy. This introductory book is a great way to begin discussions with children around thoughts and attitudes, and their personal power in shaping them.

My Take on the Book
Emily Madill has written a wonderful story to share with your child. It will help your child to think about being more positive in their thoughts and actions. It will assist them in looking at challenges they may experience in their lives and ways to problem solve so they do not feel defeated. I believe this story could be an avenue to encourage a discussion with your child about become proactive in overcoming feelings of defeat or failure. Such a positive story for parents or teachers to use with children.

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