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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Book Review - How I became Santa Claus

How I became Santa Claus
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About the Book
Think Tim Burton combined with Dr. Seuss, mixed with a healthy dollop of sweetness and you will get "Gina Cavalier's - How I Became Santa Claus". This hardcover Christmas art book has over 51 hand drawn images and a afterward talking about the stories inspiration. Suitable for ALL AGES. Have you every wondered where Santa Claus came from? If he is a mortal man, then he once had a family and a history. Would he have to leave his family and friends to become this Guardian of Christmas and protector of children's dreams. What kind of sacrifices did he have to endure? This is the story of one little boy who had a big destiny. In May 1910, in the heart of a coal-miners' town, lies a secret waiting above the ground. Nick, an eight-year-old boy, will become the next Santa Claus, but only if he decides. You see, Santas are not made, they are born. The oracle, who plans for the historical, predicted this location for the next Santa. A workshop was created in this town, high in the mountain tops waiting for him to find his destiny and pick up the treasured "snowman filled with sand." This item in not a novelty. Every grain of sand represents a little girl or boy that Nick will help throughout the land. But, even with destiny, everyone has freewill and a choice. As he ponders this decision, time is ticking away. The old Santa had to renounce his position, and without him, Santa's kingdom is vulnerable to attack by the darkness "Gieser's" ever desire is to wipe from existence Santa's memory and enslave the magical creatures. Join us on Nick's journey and meet all the magical creatures that help him in making his decision.

My Take on the Book
Gina Cavalier has written a very creative and interesting "history" of Santa Claus. I must say I have read several but I have never read this one or heard the details included in this one in any other story. She has used a young boy as the main character and shopkeeper with a sand filled snowman to continue the legacy of Santa Claus. It is quite interesting how she weaves the story using the sand filled snowman. The author highlights the challenges Santa Claus encounters. This is an enchanting tale written by a very creative Gina Cavalier.

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