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Friday, September 12, 2014

Book Review - Gravity Falls Once Upon a Swine

Gravity Falls Once Upon a Swine
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About the Book
At the moment when Mabel wins Waddles the pig at the Mystery Fair, Dipper ruins his chance to impress Wendy. But when Dipper finds a way to travel back in time and changes his fate with Wendy, Mabel's fate also changes-for the worse. Will Dipper and Mabel tweak time so they both leave the fair a winner? Will Mabel ever share a slice of pizza with her beloved Waddles again? Then, when a prehistoric creature snatches up Waddles, it's up to the Gravity Falls gang to save him! Readers will love this 112-page chapter book filled with black-and-white art from the show.

My Take on the Book
In this book there are two stories. I will comment about the first story which involves the main characters and especially Mabel and Dipper and a pig. 

The story takes place at the Mystery Fair and there is an alien with a magic tape measure which will take you back in time. The two human main characters use the tape to try to change the present which causes many problems in the story. 

The second story involves the same main characters but a dinosaur and quite an adventure as they try to return back to the present.

I feel this adventure book is appropriate for children in second grade and up. The chapters are well written and not long. They will keep the child's interest to keep reading.

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