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Monday, September 1, 2014

Book Review - The Moon

The Moon
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About the Book
Young astronomers can explore the mysteries of our closest neighbor and constant companion, the moon, in this engaging book. Lunar eclipses, man's travel to the moon, an introduction to gravity, and the moon's phases are explained. Fun activities at the back of the book reinforce the information and allows kids to test what they've learned. Also includes a guide for parents that expands on some of the terminology and concepts.

My Take on the Book
If you want to share information abut the moon with your children, this is an excellent book to read to them. The authors have supplied facts about eclipses, moon phases, the solar system, the first moon landing, and more. There are several activities and a parents' guide at the end of the book. I believe this would be an excellent resource for your family library.

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