Dad of Divas' Reviews: Nudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Makes a Huge Difference in Cooking

Monday, November 11, 2013

Nudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil Makes a Huge Difference in Cooking

Nudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil
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About the Olive Oil
If you could take an Italian olive grove and squeeze it into a tin, the result would be Nudo olive oil. All the flavour and freshness of 100% Italian olives and even the same gentle joyous, pastoral feeling.

Nudo Olive Oil is all extra virgin and cold pressed (to maximise quality, taste and health-giving properties) and the olives are pressed within hours of being picked. Simple rules to produce a flavor that’s as fresh as a daisy. All the best olive oil is ‘extra virgin’ and ‘first cold press’. There is sometimes confusion about this terminology. ‘Extra virgin’ means the oil has the lowest possible acidity (less than 0.8%) and the highest proportion of polyphenols which are the anti-oxidants so beneficial to health. It is the highest grade oil with the best flavour. ‘First cold press’ refers to the way the olives are treated at the mill; in first cold press, this means using no heat (which extracts more oil of a lower quality) and using only the oil from the first press. Many olive oil producers will re-press the olive paste from the first press to make a lower grade oil. Nudo never does this.
Nudo Extra Virgin Olive Oil

My Take on the Olive Oil
This Olive Oil was so different than what you usually will find in the grocery stores. The taste was so fresh and you can tell that what you are getting is of much higher quality than you usually get. I also appreciated the fresh date stamped on the can, as I don't always find these when looking at general Olive Oil that you find at your local grocery store, so I cannot say that I know whether what I am buying is of high quality or not. The flavor itself was great and it made the food that I was using it for taste great as well. All-in-all I was very impressed and if you love cooking with Olive Oil, you will be impressed as well!

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