Dad of Divas' Reviews: Make Gift Opening Fun With Don't Shake It!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Make Gift Opening Fun With Don't Shake It!

Don't Shake It!
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About the Produc
Who hasn’t snooped and tried to shake a present to find out what’s in the wrapped gift box? Add a new dimension to your gift giving with Don’t Shake It! “Don’t Shake It!" is a novelty sound effect system is an all new way to surprise anyone with their gifts by making them believe there is broken glass, a puppy barking, alarm, siren or you can even record your own message! The perfect gag for kids and your family or a holiday party this gift giving season.

Don’t Shake It, is an all new way to keep someone guessing with the gift you are giving. By taping a simple card, about the size of a business card, into your gift bag or box you can have people thinking they broke their gift, you can set an alarm in it to startle them, and much more. The sound is activated every time the box is shaken or moved!

My Take on the Book
What a fun gag gift this holiday season. I know that my kids are always curious, sometimes too curious and these gags will be the perfect way to put a smile on their face and a bit of surprise into the whole Christmas gift opening tradition. The sounds were loud enough to make a difference and the product itself it inconspicuous enough to easily insert into a gift or a package. All-in-all, if you love a good gag, this is it!

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