Dad of Divas' Reviews: Holiday Gift Guide - Tale of The Tooth Fairy

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - Tale of The Tooth Fairy

Tale of The Tooth Fairy
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About the Book
Meet the Tooth Fairy's little helper. Your child can put lost teeth in this 10" plush doll's pouch, where the Tooth Fairy can find them easily (and leave a gift behind). An illustrated hardcover book tells the story behind the doll, and provides a place to keep track of lost teeth.
Product Features

  • Includes Hard-Cover Story Book with large print for easy reading
  • Includes 9" plush tooth fairy doll for children to play with in between lost teeth
  • Tooth Loss Record Keeper inside book creates a lifetime, treasured keepsake
  • Tooth Pouch on plush Tooth Fairy doll allows the Tooth Fairy to more easily find a lost tooth (so says the story)
  • 4-color Keepsake Box is designed as the plush Tooth Fairy's home; there is no wasted packaging

My Take on the Book
This was a fun gift for any child to make the magic of the tooth fairy even more magical. Every Christmas we have an elf on a shelf and this reminded me a lot of this. My girls loved the story itself and the idea of the tooth fairy friend within our home. My youngest daughter has yet to lose any teeth so she is excited to be able to give it to her. I have some time until our next lost tooth but with this I know that we have a new tradition to start with this and we all are looking forward to it!

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