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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - USB Supercharger

USB Supercharger
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About the Book
The USB SuperCharger gives you the power (literally) to charge up to four iPads at the same time. And it's all possible with a single device using a single standard wall socket, leaving the other socket free for your other devices. Don't use cumbersome power strips, and don't hog up all your sockets. Get smarter power with the USB SuperCharger.
USB Supercharger
Four Full 2.1A Charge Ports — No Compromises
Competing multi-port USB adapters often come with a catch. Sometimes only one port is rated for iPad charging, with the other ports only able to charge normal USB devices. And sometimes, 2.1 amps is spread through the whole device, meaning multiple iPads will only be charged very slowly. There are no charging compromises with the SuperCharger. Charge four iPads at the same time at the single-charge speed.
USB Supercharger
Keep Your Students' iPads Charged During Class
1:1 iPad programs in schools are a promising new ed tech initiative, but they come with the challenge of having to charge a lot of iPads at the same time. Maybe your students have remembered to bring their iPads to class but forgotten their iPad chargers. Bring one or more USB SuperChargers to class, arrange them on the table between students, and you'll have an easy way to keep everyone's iPad up and running. Low or dead batteries can stop learning cold and defeat the benefit of a 1-to-1 iPad program. Now you have the right device to keep the lesson going.

USB Supercharger
The Group-Friendly Charger
Running low on juice during a meeting, presentation or lecture? The USB SuperCharger is perfect for conference rooms, seminars, lecture halls, and anywhere else a flexible power solution for iPad is needed. Simply set up the USB SuperCharger on your table or desk and everyone at the meeting can enjoy charging convenience for their devices without bringing an adapter. Plus, no more hunting for wall sockets!

Also Charge a Wide Range of USB Devices
Each SuperCharger port can charge any number of standard USB devices, including iPhone and other smartphones, iPod, portable speakers, Bluetooth headsets, cameras, and more. Everyone will have a use for the SuperCharger.

USB Supercharger
Portable SuperPower
The USB SuperCharger is small and portable enough to easily swap between tables or between rooms. You'll never be caught with a dead device!

Got multiple iPads? Don't settle for anything less than the USB SuperCharger — full, simultaneous 4-iPad charging from a single socket.

My Take on the Book
I have so many gadgets that need to be charged through USB these days. Tablets, Kindles, Phones, cameras and so much more. It is hard to not only find enough outlets, but also to keep everything organized. This product helps with both of these issues. I found that I could use this with so many different products, which for me was the best part of this product. I also loved how small and portable this was too. The product is just a bit larger than my hand and allows for great flexibility in charging and in using your electronics. They talked online about this being used in the classroom for teachers that are using IPads with their kids and I can easily see this as a great idea. With the fact that you only need one outlet, it makes perfect sense that this is a space saving product that you will be able to keep using for so many of your home products.

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