Dad of Divas' Reviews: Springfield Dolls Allow Your Daughters Imagination Take Flight!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Springfield Dolls Allow Your Daughters Imagination Take Flight!

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With holiday shopping just around the corner, parents will try to stretch the family budget to find a delightful present for their emerging fashionistas -- like the popular 18" doll. But when the trend is to spend $110 for a doll plus $24+ for one outfit, moms are searching for fun and more affordable alternatives. Say hello to Abby, Emma, Maria, Madison & Olivia -- The Springfield Collection® Dolls with the silky hair and sparkling eyes. Their reasonable price tag, vast collection of trendy accessories and online clubhouse, known as SF Style, make these dolls a fave with savvy girls and their smart moms.

Since celebrations happen year round, it's not just moms but birthday party invitees and favorite aunts who scoop up Springfield Collection pieces. You needn't tell the birthday girl or great-report-card earner that you spent only $25.97 and got the 2-piece pink/white Party Outfit ($10.99), navy Blazer with white piping and Dress ($10.99) plus smart Tortoiseshell Glasses ($3.99). Just wrap them up and wait for the hugs and thank yous.

Springfield Dolls are a division of Fibre-Craft®, the beloved company that's celebrating 60 years of making children's leisure products. As the Springfield Collection proudly explains on its website,, "we know the importance of imagination and creative play in a young girl’s life. The line includes five gorgeous, quality-made dolls, each with her own unique personality and story." Selling at just $21.99 per doll -- and available at major retailers like AC Moore, Michael's and Jo-Ann Fabrics -- the blogosphere has been buzzing with rave reviews!

"These dolls are a great, inexpensive alternative to American Girl dolls," instructs blogger to her readers. She explains, understandably, "when you have THREE girls, you need an alternative because I can’t afford $100 per doll…per kid."

Blogger wholeheartedly agrees. "Not only are the dolls affordable but so are the clothing and the accessories," she writes. "There’s a pretty nice selection of Springfield outfits, shoes and accessories available for all 5 dolls that are actually inspired by today’s fashions for girls. Each one of them are 18″ tall, have long brush-able hair, can be posed and their eyes close when you lay them down … apparently they need their beauty rest as well."

"What sets Springfield Dolls apart from another well-known doll," blogs a mom with ironically, a similar moniker, My Springfield, "is that they are fairly priced at less than $25 each and have clothing options around $10 as well as furniture sets. I also like that the price point is fair and reasonable. The dolls are built to withstand even the toughest of little girls and the outfits are easy to change -- even for a five year old.

Little Girls can become an SF Style Club member to receive a free membership bracelet and card. Simply click on, register and get ready for online play like dressing the dolls in your own creations, creating a one-of-a-kind style gallery or sharing your looks with friends and family. The more points earned through online play, the more surprises members may unlock!

Want even more play value for your dollar? Each doll or clothing purchase comes with a scratch-off card that reveals a code to unlock additional SF Style Club online fun. Membership has its privileges!

Ready to discover the five Springfield Dolls and their vast collection of fashion and accessories? At, get to know the loveable, huggable girls, all priced at $21.99. Ideal for youngsters ages 4 years old and up, each of the five personalities have long eye lashes, lifelike eyes that open and close, a soft cloth body, smooth vinyl head and jointed arms and legs for hours of pretend play. Just strike a pose!

Springfield Collection makes it easy for youngsters to browse online and then create a wish list to pass on to mom or grandmom, (hint, hint), as Hanukkah and Christmas fast approach.

Fans of the dolls and their clothing line express their appreciation constantly on various social media outlets including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. A dedicated group of girls, with their moms, have posted their own colorful videos starring their favorite 18" girl and her incredible wardrobe. To see the whole collection, click on

My Take on the Dolls
As the father of girls you can bet that dolls are definitely a part of my world. My daughters have been playing with everything from stuffed animals to barbie's to now dolls like these. One of the things that I love about these dolls first are how well made they are. On top of this though is their price. At only $21.99 these dolls are a steal! Typically 18" dolls like these can range from $40+ so economically, these dolls are worth the price. I also liked the fact that if you go to the Springfield Girls website, you can also find outfits and accessories that are also reasonable in price too. You will not be paying $20+ for these, instead on average the price of an outfit is about $11 and even furniture can be found with the most expensive coming in at only about $40, which again is much less than other companies.

I did mention that they are well made. Your daughters will be able to pose the doll in the way that they wish to pose them and from there the only thing holding them back is their own imagination. My youngest daughter simply adores Abby, and she has now made Abby a part of the world of make believe that only a five-year old has. Last night she was having a tea party with Abby and some other dolls, and tonight who knows what is next!

If you are looking for a reasonably priced doll this holiday season, this is definitely a doll to look into!

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