Dad of Divas' Reviews: Holiday Gift Guide - SOL Republic Deck

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - SOL Republic Deck

SOL Republic Deck
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About the Speaker
The SOL REPUBLIC x Motorola DECK is the only wireless speaker featuring Super-Power Wireless Range and Heist Mode™, allowing up to 5 friends to pair at once and take turns controlling the music.

Product Features

  • Powered by large R2 Sound Engines and a bass port for bigger sound
  • NFC or Bluetooth pairing
  • Speakerphone for hands free calling
  • Acoustically transparent slim-fit case lets you listen to the DECK while you protect it
  • Charges via mini USB cable

My Take on the Speaker
With a bit over four hours of volume I was impressed with the length of usability on this speaker. On top of this the sound quality was solid. I loved the portability of the speaker itself, and you can easily take it with you no matter where you are going or where you may need some amplification. One of the fun things with this speaker was the fact that five people can hook into it at once and using Heist mode you can steal each others' music and share it back and forth. This was a bit of a novel concept for me, but I have to say that it made a lot of sense to me and I am surprised to not see more doing this. The setup for this was easy and only took a few minutes. Just this past weekend we had a get-together which was not in an area of the house where music was able to be heard and this product definitely saved the evening. All-in-all for the price and for the additional add-ons this is definitely something that I would place on any of my friends' christmas want lists and I think you will want to as well!

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