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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Book Review - Great Homemade Soups: A Cook's Collection

Great Homemade Soups: A Cook's Collection
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About the Book
It is often said that a cook's reputation hinges on the quality of his or her soup. Perhaps that is why many of us steer clear of making our own. But the cooler weather has arrived once again and it’s time to get back in the kitchen and master the art of the soup!

With GREAT HOMEMADE SOUPS [Jacqui Small, October 2013, $40 US / $44 CAN], Chef Paul Gayler proves that making your own soup is easy and the results are nutritious and satisfying. Add to that the fact that soups are also an economical way to eat, whether you are using easy-to-source seasonal produce or expensive ingredients, which will go much further when made into a soup.

This beautiful hardcover edition includes 100 recipes, ranging from the tried-and-tested classics to soups from faraway including

  • Vietnam – Vegetable Pho;
  • Colombia – Ajiaco;
  • Japan – Shiitake-Enoki Miso Noodle Soup;
  • Sardinia – Chickpea and Fennel Soup;
  • Ethiopia – Yam, Peanut, and Ginger Soup

There are broths and consomm├ęs, smooth and creamy soups, hearty and wholesome soups, traditional favorites, wild and exotic soups, and chilled soups. In addition to this comprehensive collection of recipes, the book is sprinkled with Chef Gaylor's Soups Masterclass lessons, which explain key techniques using clear step-by-step photographs. And if this weren't enough, Paul has invited contributions from some of his favorite world-class chefs, who have added their best-loved soup recipes to this tasty collection.

Whether you are in search of a warming, comforting broth or a light summertime refresher, GREAT HOMEMADE SOUPS is a fantastic celebration of one of the fundamentals of food.

My Take on the Book
This was an amazing collection of soups in just one place. The author has done a great job at collecting and sharing a wide array of soups from every part of the world that will warm you inside and out. The soups in general were easy enough to make. I will say that because some of the soups were from other countries, I could tell that I would have to search a bit more for the items needed for the soups, but they were still accessible. All-in-all this is a comprehensive cookbook with amazing images throughout that will leave your mouth watering (and that is not even saying anything for the soups you can make either). Kudos to the author - he has put together a cookbook that you will want to keep coming back to over and over again!

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