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Monday, May 16, 2011

Book Review - Wild Card

About the Book
Everyone has their personal opinion of Senator John McCain's 2008 Vice Presidential candidate turned reality star, Sarah Palin. Widely known for her ultra-conservative viewpoints by some, and maybe Tina Fey's mockery on Saturday Night Live by others, Sarah Palin has endured much scrutiny in the public eye. In another attempt to tap into the life of Sarah Palin, Author Mark Joseph conveys his own views in his newest novel, Wild Card: The Promise and Peril of Sarah Palin.

Celebrity Producer, Pop Culture Commentator, CNN correspondent and Huffington Post writer Mark Joseph unleashes his explosive new novel aptly titled Wild Card
 This book explores the present reality and potential future of Sarah Palin. It describes Palin’s assent to world consciousness. Joseph describes how Palin exploded onto the American political scene as a virtual unknown. As the pick for the troubled McCain campaign, she was regarded by many Americans to be a ploy to attract the female vote. She was condemned by liberals for her lack of experience and praised by conservatives for her dedication to her faith. When McCain lost, Palin took full advantage of her new found exposure and took on a position as an expert on Fox News, an influential avenue within the Republican Party, and even embraced the youth with a reality show. 
 Joseph remarks, “I sought to write a fair and balanced book. It neither condemns Palin’s actions or is a simple read you might indulge over a kool-aid”. 
 Joseph seeks to convey a balanced view point, which few until this time have attempted.  Joseph carefully debates and analysis her history, drawing on his years as a journalist.   He undertakes the task with experience that only a journalist would be able to succeed at.  He further articulately highlights the conundrum that Palin was pulled from obscurity when John McCain picked her as his vice presidential candidate and Americans were forced to decide in a short period of time if she was capable of such a position. 

My Take on the Book
I have had mixed feelings about Sarah Palin in the past. Whether it was her political leanings or her beliefs that were different than my own, I just did not see eye-to-eye with her. This being said though, I was impressed to find a book where the author was able to seemingly remain unbiased in his characterization and portrayal of her. I have read other books that have either vilified or praised her, but this book stays true to good journalistic integrity and lays out the facts about what brought her into political life and what she accomplished primarily.

This book was an easy read and one that allows you to come out of reading it with a clearer picture on her strengths, weaknesses and of her overall character. You may or may not agree with Palin's beliefs or politics, but this book does do a good job at laying out the facts in a way that not too many others books could. Also, the author does a great job at putting forth his beliefs about what Palin would have to do to increase her chances at winning election in the future. A truly interesting read!

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