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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Movie Review - God's Club

God's Club

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About the Movie
A faith-based feature about a public school teacher fighting against angry parents who are insisting on the separation of church and state and pushing for the end of the school s Bible club. Everything changes, however, when the parents witness their own children find faith and be saved. Directed by Jared Cohn and starring Stephen Baldwin, Corbin Bernsen and Lorenzo Lamas.

My Take on the Movie
This was a powerful film that really says a lot. The movie shows a teacher (Evans) that is challenged to follow God even when it is not an easy decision to make. The movie explores how a school's Bible Club has to fight to be seen as equal to other student organizations at the school. While there is opposition to the club by some, the teacher continues to pursue their goals and see small wins to be able to get more and more people connected to the club, and the club continues to grow too. Evans has a number of very violent acts placed upon him and his family but the movie continues to show their perseverance in how they defend their right to believe the Bible.

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