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Saturday, February 13, 2016

Book Review - Batman's Dark Secret #Batman

Batman's Dark Secret #Batman

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About the Book
Batman's Dark Secret is an inspiring story of how a young child overcame his fear of the dark and became a crime-fighting superhero.

One day, a lonely orphan named Bruce Wayne finds himself in a dangerous situation. He defends himself against a monster bat--and he wins. From that time on, he is determined to fight evil. He becomes ... Batman!

In advance of the new Batman movie coming out in March 2016 comes a beautifully illustrated hardcover version of Batman's Dark Secret! The cover features a new illustration by Caldecott Honor winner Jon J Muth!

My Take on the Book
The story of Batman is retold well by Kelley Puckett and illustrated beautifully by Jon J. Muth. The emotions of the characters are displayed so well, you can feel the fear of young Bruce Wayne. You can also see the triumph that he has over his fear of the dark in this book.

It is interesting to see how Bruce's fear and the meeting of the bats inspired the creation of the superhero, Batman. I found the story to be one that could easily be shared with children who may have fears to discuss. Not that your child will become a superhero but to show them that many people who have fears overcome them.It is a good story to illustrate how someone can overcome challenges in their life and learn to become brave.

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