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Monday, February 15, 2016

Book Review - A Big Fat Zombie Goldfish Adventure: The Fintastic Fishsitter

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About the Book
Six Really Important Tips for Fish-Sitting a Zombie Goldfish:

1. Keep Fang away from Frankie
2. Zombie goldfish only eat green food (moldy Brussels sprouts, green jelly beans, stinky pond slime)
3. All kittens can be pretty sneaky but Fang is SUPER sneaky
4. Watch out for Frankie's eyes―he can hypnotize you
5. Did we mention that Fang the vampire kitten is TROUBLE?
6. Seriously, keep Fang away from Frankie!

When Sami agrees to zombie-sit Frankie, her neighbor's BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH, she is looking forward to fun afternoon in the paddling pool with her favorite "swishy fishy." Unfortunately, Fang, the mostly-evil vampire kitten, has a different idea. She's looking forward to a BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH snack!

Will Sami and Frankie be able to stop Fang's evil plan? Come find out in this fin-tastic picture book addition to the New York Times-Bestselling series.

My Take on the Book
This story is so funny. With the great text by Mo O'Hara and the detailed illustrations by Marek Jagucki, your child and you will enjoy a story with so many funny sections.

Our main characters are a zombie goldfish with sharp teeth and a sneaky vampire kitten with fangs. The goldfish is not safe with the kitten around so Sami is asked to goldfish sit. Sami is clever and tries many methods to thwart the vampire kitten from capturing the goldfish for a snack.

The story is so creative and you will delight in how the author solves the problem, through Sami, of making sure the pets play "nicely" together. Even Sami's brother and friend are impressed with her innovative problem solving.

I believe you and your young child will enjoy this story immensely.

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