Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Sex, Puberty, and All That Stuff: A Guide to Growing Up

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Book Review - Sex, Puberty, and All That Stuff: A Guide to Growing Up

Sex, Puberty, and All That Stuff: A Guide to Growing Up

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About the Book
This friendly book talks to teens in their own language, with emphasis on the subject that is first and foremost in the minds of adolescent boys and girls: Sex. Separate chapters titled Boy Stuff and Girl Stuff describe body changes that occur during puberty, with frank and open discussions about male and female genitals, how they feel, and how they function. Chapters that follow discuss typical teen problems, as well as those entirely new feelings that come with sexual development, and offer tips on making it through those sometimes exciting, sometimes crazy teen years. Learn how to deal with crushes, controlling parents, pimples, kissing, dating, hormones, menstruation, sexual activity, condoms, contraception, pregnancy, STDs, sexual impulses, and more. New to this edition is information on social networks, protecting yourself online, maintaining a positive body image, mental health, sexual orientation, gender identity, and more. Includes line drawings on most pages.

My Take on the Book
I have seen and read several books which are to be read and discussed with children who are moving into puberty/adulthood. At the time I thought they did a good job of starting the conversation that is often difficult to have but a must to initiate.

However after reading Jacqui Bailey's book, I believe this is the most complete book for parents to use with their children that I have ever encountered. It is filled with basic facts that are presented in a nonthreatening way, like a conversation. There are illustrations on the pages which add to the text. There are lists which help to summarize many sections.

The book includes discussions on the changes in the bodies of boys and girls.It continues to discuss relationships between friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, how to make decisions, family members, and even talking to doctors or other professionals. There are sections about intercourse, sexual abuse, and contraception. The author includes information about changes in one's body which could cause the child /young adult to become confused and how to locate help. There is much , much more in this book. 

The reader will find a very good glossary of terms and a list of telephone numbers that you can use to talk to professionals to get answers to your questions.

Growing up from a child to an adult can be confusing and maybe frightening at times. The physical, emotional, and even mental changes the child/adult is going through need some type of explanation. I believe this particular book does a very good job in providing some guidance for parents with the discussions that need to happen to assist their child into a healthy puberty change.
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