Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Any Fin Is Possible

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Book Review - My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Any Fin Is Possible

My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish: Any Fin Is Possible

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About the Book
When Tom rescued Frankie the goldfish from his older brother's evil science experiment by zapping him back to life with a battery, he never expected his pet to become a BIG FAT ZOMBIE GOLDFISH with incredible hypnotic powers…but it's helpful when they are thwarting his big brother's evil plans.

Tom and Pradeep are about to find out the truth behind the ancient Egyption Curse of the Cat King, when their evil big brothers crash their overnight stay at the history museum. Dodging booby traps, avoiding evil, possibly mummified's all in a night's work for a zombie goldfish!

Then, there's something fishy going on at sports day. All the athletic kids seem to be losing their sporting abilities, while Tom's evil big brother Mark has suddenly become amazing at every single sport. Can Frankie help Pradeep and Tom to foil Mark's evil plans? Or will Mark and his pet vampire kitten, Fang, take home the gold?

My Take on the Book
Tihs was a fun story that really had some amazing characters with it. I loved the pet zombie goldfish and so did my daughters. The book was funny but also had a great story that made you want to keep reading, and it was through the characters and all of the things that they find themselves getting into that keep you coming back time and time again. While this was a silly story, it had a lot of heart and I, for one, am glad that I got to share it with my kids!

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