Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Bunny vs. Monkey

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Book Review - Bunny vs. Monkey

Bunny vs. Monkey

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About the Book
A team of scientists has sent a monkey into space! And good thing, too, because he's a mean, selfish, noisy, bullying little fur-bag. But... all does not go well with the flight, and Monkey's spaceship barely clears the first hilltop before crash-landing in a peaceful forest. Monkey decides this is a new world and claims it for his own. And his first decree is that all other animals should be banished! What follows is a series of hilarious, off-the-wall interactions between Monkey and the other forest animals.

My Take on the Book
My daughter loves monkeys so I thought she might like this! Being only 8, this was written at a bit higher level that she expected at first, but we read it together and I have to say that it was a funny story with two great characters that you will fall in love with. On top of this the illustrations / artwork in this book was so well done. Some of the humor was a bit over the head of y 8 year old, but she was still drawn in by the pictures and the story itself. This is a must read!

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