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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Book Review - Secret Hero Society: Study Hall of Justice

Study Hall of Justice

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About the Book
The team behind DC Comics LIL' GOTHAM takes readers to the halls of Ducard Academy in Gotham City, where a young Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman start their very own Junior Detective Agency!

Young Bruce Wayne is the new kid at Ducard Academy, a prep school for gifted middle school students. Bruce finds out pretty quickly that he doesn't fit in: the faculty seems to not just encourage villainous behavior from its students, but reward it. He makes friends with two other outsiders, farm boy Clark Kent and the regal Diana Prince. The three band together to form a detective squad to find out why all of these extraordinary kids have been brought together at Ducard Academy, and to see just what the faculty is plotting.

An all-new series from the Eisner-nominated team behind Batman Lil' Gotham (Dustin Nguyen and Derek Fridolfs), Secret Hero Society uses comics, journal entries, and doodles to reimagine Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman as three students in the same school. They'll try their best to solve their case, but just because you're faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, or an Amazonian princess, it doesn't mean you get to stay up past eleven.

My Take on the Book
If you love superheroes, this is a fun, unique take on the some of the major justice league superheroes (Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman) when they were young. The book was a graphic novel and was easy to read for the upper elementary reader. The story was a lot of fun and you get to see our heroes exploring a mystery that they have to work together to solve. There is teamwork as well as humor throughout the novel and with the mix of technology and intrigue any young reader will be entranced.

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