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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Book Review - Allie, First at Last

Allie, First at Last

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About the Book
Allie Velasco wants to be a trailblazer.
A trendsetter.
A winner.

No better feeling exists in the world than stepping to the top of a winner’s podium and hoisting a trophy high in the air. At least, that’s what Allie thinks . . . she’s never actually won anything before. Everyone in her family is special in some way -- her younger sister is a rising TV star; her brother is a soccer prodigy; her great-grandfather is a Congressional Medal of Honor winner.

With a family like this, Allie knows she has to make her mark or risk being left behind. She’s determined to add a shiny medal, blue ribbon, or beautiful trophy to her family’s award shelf. When a prestigious school contest is announced, Allie has the perfect opportunity to take first -- at last. There’s just one small snag . . . her biggest competition is also her ex-best friend, Sara. Can Allie take top prize and win back a friend -- or is she destined to lose it all?

My Take on the Book
When I began to read this story , the author made it clear to the reader that Allie, a fifth grader, wanted to earn a medal or trophy for the family's trophy case. It seemed to Allie that everyone in the family was successful except for her. On top of not winning anything it seemed her best friend was no longer interested in her friendship.

The title seems to indicate that Allie will win a medal, contest, or trophy.

However this story had quite a nice surprise for the reader.

I loved how the author showed the close family relationship of Allie, her grandpa , and her family. It was interesting the interaction between the siblings and the loving support especially of her grandfather.

You will read about challenges, competition, and a young girl finally realizing that it is more important to do something that is right than to win a contest. In fact Allie learns that she won, even though she did not actually win the prize. She was proud of herself as were her family members and friends.

This is a great book for an upper elementary student to read or for a parent and child to read together. There are many issues to discuss in this book if you decide to read it together. I recommend this book.
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