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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Book Review - Zinnia and the Bees

Zinnia and the Bees
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About the Book
A colony of honeybees mistakes seventh-grader Zinnia’s hair for a hive ― and that’s the least of her problems. While Zinnia's classmates are celebrating the last day of seventh grade, she's in the vice principal's office, serving detention. Her offense? Harmlessly yarn-bombing a statue of the school mascot. When Zinnia rushes home to commiserate with her older brother and best friend, Adam, she's devastated to discover that he's gone ― with no explanation. Zinnia’s day surely can't get any worse . . . until a colony of honeybees inhabits her hive-like hair! Infused with magical realism, Danielle Davis delivers a quirky, heartfelt debut, exploring both the complex life of a young loner and a comical hive of honeybees. Together, these alternating and unexpected perspectives will touch anyone who has ever felt alone, betrayed, or misunderstood.

My Take on the Book
This book was Danielle Davis' first book . I am sure readers will see more books from this author. The chapter book kept me engaged in the story from the beginning to the end.
There were so many multiple layers within this story of Zinnia . She is a middle school girl with a brother who is 18 years old. Her mother is raising them on her own since their father died. Mom is a dentist and she takes on community issues.
Zinnia has the same issues with friends and insecurities as any middle school age girl. She loves her brother but then he leaves for his own destiny.
There are bees that become attached to Zinnia's hair so there is the story of the sequence of how she will remove them to a place they can call home.
Zinnia finds a new friend in Birch. They each help each other to grow and change and move ahead with their live issues.
The story is well written with great character development. The story line is easy to follow and will engage the reader through each chapter. The reader will meet "real" people who may remind you of people in your own life.
Your middle school child will enjoy this story.
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