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Friday, May 5, 2017

Book Review - Chengdu Can Do

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About the Book
Chengdu can do many things all by himself. He can get down from his branch, and he can look for breakfast. Chengdu can jump, he can push, and he can pull. He can climb, he can stretch, and he can swing. But sometimes even the most capable young panda could use a little help. Independent-minded toddlers will love following along as the determined Chengdu reaches for his goal of some tasty leaves. The gentle text is a delight to hear read aloud, and a variety of fold-out pages add to the fun.

My Take on the Book
Barney Saltzberg has written a nice story for young children. It is about a young panda bear who is venturing out to see what it can do alone. The author shows the reader all the things the panda can do. It reminds me of how young children show themselves and their parents how they are becoming independent. At the end of the story Chengdu learns that he cannot yet do everything on his own and he receives help, just like a young child. A good story to discuss with your young child about his independence in what he/she can do alone and what they still need some help with as they grow.
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