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Friday, May 5, 2017

Book Review - Geronimo Stilton: Operation: Secret Recipe

Geronimo Stilton: Operation: Secret Recipe
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About the Book
My family and I traveled to Milan, Italy, for a special event: the unveiling of the precious ancient parchment containing the secret, original recipe for panettone, a traditional sweet holiday bread. But right before the big moment, the recipe was stolen! And the thief was masquerading as... me! Could I catch the thief and clear my name?

My Take on the Book
In this new book, Geronimo and his family take off for Milan, Italy. Someone has stolen a panettone recipe. Geronimo travels through Milan with his family helping him to try to catch the thief. The major problem is that the thief looks like Geronimo. He must disguise himself.

As the reader you will enjoy not only the adventure with the twists and turns of this mystery of who stole the recipe, but you will also learn about all the famous places to visit in Milan. The church, the gallery, the art galleries, and more. It is not only a fun story but also very educational.

Of course in the end the culprit is caught and found out to be a cat in disguise who wants Geronimo and his newspaper to fail.

Your second to fourth grader will enjoy this story. It is written on a fourth grade level. There is lots of humor especially through the play on words. A very nice chapter book.

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