Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - Cleopatra in Space: The Golden Lion

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Book Review - Cleopatra in Space: The Golden Lion

Cleopatra in Space: The Golden Lion

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About the Book
Cleo is back at Yasiro Academy, recovering from the tragic events that occurred on planet Hykosis. She feels responsible for the death of her friend Zaid, and trains nonstop. And when she learns that the Golden Lion -- a star with immeasurable energy that could destroy them all if weaponized -- has been located, she goes alone to the snowy, icy planet Cada'duun to find it. There, she faces off with a new enemy who has been instructed to destroy the Golden Lion... and her.

My Take on the Book
We have loved the Cleopatra in Space graphic novel series in the past and this new book continued our love for the series. The story is strong and the action continues throughout each page. On top of this though, the author does a great job at creating characters that you can identify with and for whom you will love to relate. As a dad of girls I love seeing such a strong female character and I could only wish that my girls could grow to be as fearless as Cleo is within this story!

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