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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Book Review - Cars 3: Lead the Way

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About the Book
In your life, you may find somebody important, somebody who steers you in the right direction, guides you down long roads, and keeps you on track to follow your dreams. Then, one day, you may find it's your turn to lead the way.

Ride along with Lightning McQueen as he revisits many of his cherished moments with the late and great Doc Hudson. Lightning has learned so many inspiring things from Doc that he would like to pass on to Cruz Ramirez-including a lesson about what it really means to win.

My Take on the Book
Our main characters are Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, and Cruz Ramirez. This story has a lot for us to learn from the events in the story. Here are a few of the lessons that came from the story:

  • Being a true champion does not mean it is all about winning.
  • You should remember to thank those who helped you.
  • Find creative ways to problem solve.
  • Always give back to others.
  • Friends and memories are a reward in itself.
These are all good ideas to discuss with your child.
The illustrations are part of the new Cars 3.

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