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Friday, October 21, 2016

Book Review - Adult Coloring Book Of Expressions

Adult Coloring Book Of Expressions

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About the Book
This book offers the easiest way to beat stress - and create stylish pieces of art. Presenting Pop Art Coloring - a simple, relaxing and enjoyable way to create beautiful pop art compositions. Now, you can be a pop artist too! Try something unique, be different. Everyone is coloring mandalas or flowers. With this book, you will create stunning frame-worthy portraits. Each pop art composition features a unique human EXPRESSION. Serene, happy, angry, sad, surprised, bored, thrilled - it's all there! Twenty four different expressions. Many hours of relaxing fun - guaranteed.

  • This is a Color By Numbers book: All coloring pages in this book have outlines and numbers within regions. There is a palette with a color for each number. If you follow the scheme and color by numbers, you will certainly see your masterpiece emerge. However, if you are confident of your color-sense, then feel free to experiment with your own color schemes too.
  • This book is printed in Full Color: All pages in color. Just so that when you finish coloring it, the outlines and numbers become invisible! If colored properly, each page looks like a frame-worthy painting! Click on Author link to see a few sample colored pages.
  • Mood Pages: Every coloring page is accompanied by a mood page. Full color imagery. Scenic visuals. Wise quotes. We want you to have the best coloring experience
  • Start Simple, Go Pro: Coloring pages in this book are ordered from basic to advanced. First, ease yourself into this type of coloring. As you progress, color more intricate and more beautiful compositions.
  • Works best with color pencils: Please use color pencils for best results. Felt tip pens do not produce the desired pop art portrait effect. Click on Author link to see a few sample colored pages.
This book can help you keep calm and feel like an artist. It offers a never before seen type of adult coloring activity. It also provides you with a simple way to practice 'Just Take The Next Step' technique.Here's wishing you a meditative coloring experience!

My Take on the Book
This was a great book that not only brings you back to your roots and allows you to simply sit back, reflect and have a ton of fun and create some amazing pictures too. I loved the beautiful pictures and loved that they used real people in the creation of the very unique images that you see in this book. Talk about an unique book!

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