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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Book Review - Frozen: A Pop-Up Adventure

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About the Book
Featuring nearly 20 pop-ups from the New York Times best-selling author, artist, and pop-up master, Matthew Reinhart, this breathtaking work of art revisits the enduring story of Frozen.

Elsa and Anna's remarkable adventure lives on in a magnificent display of paper engineering and artistic devotion. Frozen Pop-Up is a vibrant tribute to these beloved characters and teaches readers of all ages to let it go.

My Take on the Book
Wow, this book is wonderful. Matthew Reinhart has taken the delightful FROZEN story and used his talented art work to make the story come to life on the pages of this book. As you open the book to read it to your child , your child will have opportunities to interact with the story and the characters.
For example, on the first page you see Elsa and Anna as children playing in the snow. Your child is to pull a tab that is attached to each character and you see Elsa accidently struck Anna with her powers. 

You see Anna fall and shivering in the snow. One more example I will share is on the last page in which you see Anna turn to ice and then pull another tab and they are ice skating and so happy together. On the last page the entire first scene disappears to the back as the new scene appears.

It is truly magical the way the pulls and flaps work . If your child enjoyed the movie FROZEN, I believe this book will become a favorite to read often.
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