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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Review -The Friend Ship

The Friend Ship

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About the Book
Little Hedgehog is very lonely. But then she overhears passersby talking about something that gives her hope-something called a Friend Ship!

Hedgehog imagines a ship filled with friends of all kinds, and soon she's ready to hit the open seas in a boat of her own to track it down. Along the way, she meets other lonely animals eager to join her quest.

They search north. They search south. They search east. But Hedgehog and her new friends can't find the Ship anywhere! Until she realizes she knows just where the Friend Ship is. ..
This heartwarming tale by Kat Yeh, with charming illustrations by Chuck Groenink, proves that sometimes, what you're searching for is right in front of you.

My Take on the Book
Kat Yeh's story was written for a young child. The story shows how opening your heart and mind to others brings you rewards of friendship you may not have explored. As some of the unlikely animals embark on the ship's voyage looking for the "friend ship", little did they know that they were already on the friendship path.

The reader will see an incident when a hedgehog is tired and just wants to roll up . The friends on the ship immediately come to his aid to comfort him, which is what true friends do.

The story may be about animal friends but an adult could relate easily this story to his or her child's friends or searching for friends and friendship.

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