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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Review - Lotus and Flower

Lotus and Flower
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About the Book
A winter illness left Lotus, a little girl, without a voice and without friends. A hunter's bullet left Feather, a crane, injured and unable to fly. As Lotus nurses Feather back to health, their bond grows. Soon Feather is following Lotus everywhere, even to school! The bird dances to the girl's reed whistle, much to the delight of the other children. One day, when the village floods, Feather helps raise the alarm as Lotus and her grandfather urge their neighbors to get to high ground. Feather is a true friend to Lotus, but the time comes when Lotus must be a true friend to him--by encouraging him to migrate with the rest of the cranes. The next spring, Feather miraculously returns, and that's not all . . . he has brought new life to the nearby lake.

Inspired by the true story of a crane that rescued a Chinese village, and graced with sensitive watercolor illustrations, this lovely book about respecting nature offers deep emotion and delightful surprises.

My Take on the Book
This beautiful story is based on true events. Lotus lost her voice due to an illness.The young girl felt isolated until she found an injured crane she named Feather. As the two of them and her grandfather established a close and loving relationship to Feather, Feather recovered and flew off.

The beautiful parts in this story are centered around love, friendship, and of course letting go. In allowing Feather to leave , Lotus receives a beautiful gift with Feather's return.

This touching true story will warm the hearts of your entire family. Julie Downing's illustrations are the perfect touch of delicate and gentle this story requires.

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