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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Review - Museum Mysteries - The Case of the Soldier's Ghost

Museum Mysteries - The Case of the Soldier's Ghost
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About the Book
A ghost has been spotted lurking around Capitol City's American History Museum. It seems someone or something is unhappy with the museum's recent exhibit on the Vietnam War. Can Raining Sam, the son of the head of educational programs at the museum, and his friends figure out who's behind the haunting before someone gets hurt?

My Take on the Book
This is a chapter book for middle age children. In this story Raining Sam and his friends are visiting the American History Museum. They visit the Vietnam War exhibit and they all agree they have seen a soldier's ghost. The ghost causes some turmoil in the community but also brings many people to view the exhibit.

Raining and his sleuth friends use their observation skills and curiosity to solve the mystery. While solving it there is fear, challenges from adults, some people are angry with the four young people, and also revelations for the four friends. They find out that the soldiers in wars, especially the Vietnam War, were not treated well during the war and after they returned.

The author documents the facts about the Vietnam War for the reader. If your child is not familiar with the history, the author has done a good job supplying information.

The story moves fast and it is a good mystery for middle age children.

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