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Friday, October 7, 2016

Book Review - Hotel Bruce

Hotel Bruce

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About the Book
When Bruce gets home from a southern migration trip with his goslings, he is tired. He is grumpy. And he is definitely not in the mood to share his home with the trio of mice who have turned his den into a hotel.

There's a possum pillow fight wreaking havoc in one room, a fox luring guests into a stew in the kitchen, and a snuggly crew of critters hogging the bed. Bruce growls and grumbles and tries to throw them all out, but the entrepreneurial mice just can't take a hint. Bruce is in a little over his head, especially once the goslings join the staff. Will this grumpy bear ever get his quiet, peaceful den back to himself?

My Take on the Book
Your young child will thoroughly enjoy HOTEL BRUCE.The author/illustrator provides a funny story and delightful illustrations. Make sure you look at all the details on each page. Bruce, the bear, is the mother of 4 Canadian Geese. He leaves on a vacation to return to his den and find it over run with woodland animals. The mice turned his den into a hotel. Bruce is patient for a while but then totally gets angry as pandemonium arises. He kicks everyone out of his home. The situations will bring a smile and laughter.You will see Bruce's frustration and see how he feels as it seems to get crazier in his den by the minute. You will also see , at the end, how Bruce's kindness prevails.

Enjoy this wonderful book.

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