Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - How to Stage a Catastrophe

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Book Review - How to Stage a Catastrophe

How to Stage a Catastrophe
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About the Book
ACT 1: The Juicebox Theater is about ready for the recycling bin. ACT 2: Sidney and Folly consider a crime. [You have to read it to see if we commit a crime, that's called suspense.] ACT 3: Sidney and Folly save the Juicebox Children's Theater! [It's not giving anything away to tell you that. We don't want you to worry.] Sidney Camazzola plans to be the director of the Juicebox Theater when he grows up. But the theater is in danger of closing, and he and his friends know they need a plan to save it - and fast. Hilarious and heartwarming, the mission to save a failing community theater unites a riotous cast of characters in this offbeat middle-grade novel.

My Take on the Book
As a person that has spent many years in the theater I have to say that this story was so much fun. You get to see into a theater and on top of this you get to step into a mystery which is a ton of fun.  The book is infused with humor throughout and the cast of characters that you will simply fall in love with from the very beginning to the end of the book. While this book is written with middle school aged kids in mind, the story was a ton of fun and people of all ages will enjoy it!

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