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Sunday, October 9, 2016

Book Review - Being a Girl

Being a Girl
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About the Book
Other books give you the facts — BEING A GIRL tells you the truth!

Being a girl is awesome. It can also be really, really hard. And no one knows that better than girls who are going through it right now. From BFFs to Mean Girls, selfies to self-esteem, pimples and periods and peer pressure, Being a Girl tells it like it is. Friendly, funny, reassuring, and totally honest, this is the book mothers will wish they had had when they were younger, and the one girls will turn to again and again.

My Take on the Book
Hayley Long has written a comprehensive resource book for girls about being a girl. She gives girls basic information about their bodies, the changes taking place in their bodies, and the emotional challenges they will face. She delivers the advice/information in a straight forward manner. There is some humor but you will see she is serious about a lot of what she is trying to get the girls reading her book to understand.

Haley Long talks about bras, periods, sex, girlfriends, boyfriends, puberty, and even getting pregnant. She discusses condoms and boys. She feels young girls need to have the information. She tells the reader she has discussed issues with many young girls so she feels she knows what is important to write in her book.

Our young girls are challenged by many issues in their life. Sometimes the issues seem to arrive all at once and they can be overwhelming. This frank book covers an enormous amount of information that maybe will open the door to some intimate and honest discussions with the young girl in your life.

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