Dad of Divas' Reviews: Step up your snack game on Feb 02 with Crosse & Blackwell

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Step up your snack game on Feb 02 with Crosse & Blackwell

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It’s time to lay out your plan for the Big Game. Instead of serving the same old chips, chicken wings, pretzels, and nuts this year, armchair athletes can step up their snack game with Crosse & Blackwell®.

Crosse & Blackwell Major Grey’s Chutney, a flavorful medley of tropical fruits like mango, tamarind and lime, can be used to create a delicious appetizer. Just pour over cream cheese and serve with crackers for dipping. Or, use it to create a new twist on a game day favorite with Peanut Butter Jalapeno Poppers.

Rich and zesty Crosse & Blackwell Seafood Sauces are a simple way to make a big impression. Made with choice ingredients like tamarinds, ripe tomatoes and pure ground horseradish, Seafood Cocktail Sauce and Shrimp Sauce are the ideal complement to succulent fresh seafood. Try this family-friendly Fiesta Shrimp Appetizer.

Adding vibrant flavor and gourmet flair to the simplest dishes is easy with Crosse & Blackwell capers and cocktail onions. These little jars pack a punch of texture, taste and flavor that will add a special touch to game day snacks and appetizers. For more ideas, visit

My Take on the Products
I was given the opportunity to try a few of these products as I got ready for the BIG game this weekend. I have to say is that I was very impressed with the flavor that the two products that were sent to me had. I tried the shrimp sauce as well as chutney. Both had very unique flavors and tasted amazing on the items that I use them with. In looking at the website for the company I found a number of other products that I would love to try in the future. Their pickeled relish, though not something I tried specifically looks amazing and it is one that I will be on the lookout for. All-in-all you can really some class to the items that you will have for your guests at the BIG game by using these products, and I think that you too will be pleasantly surprised at the flavor and at the reactions to the product. Try it out and see for yourself!

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