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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Review - Love is Forever

Love is Forever
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About the Book
My love for you will never stop. It lives on in your laughter, in your heart, and in your thoughts. -lines from book. Losing a loved one is hard for anyone, especially a child who might be experiencing loss for the first time. This book gives caregivers and children a beautiful way to begin talking about loss and grief, and how to keep loved ones close in heart and mind through shared memories. Endearing artwork perfectly complements this heartfelt story about keeping love alive in the present and in the future. Additional resources and information are included from professionals who work with children and families experiencing grief and loss.

My Take on the Book
"Someday you may not see me or hear me, but you can always feel my love in your heart."

Casey Rislov has written a beautiful story for children about loving someone and losing them through death. I loved the story line showing the activities and shared love between grandpa owl and little owl. The activities they shared were similar to what we share with our grandchildren/children and produced the memories little owl and his sister would hold in their thoughts and minds in the days, weeks, months and years after their grandpa died.

Included in the book, at the end, is a section written for parents or caretakers of children about death, attending a funeral, and how to help children express their thoughts and feelings. I felt this section was especially important to read prior to reading the story in case the child had questions during the story reading. Rachel Balsaitis created the beautiful illustrations. They were done with great detail, but sensitivity to show the joy and then grief of the characters in the story. I know you will enjoy sharing Casey's book with your child.

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