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Friday, January 31, 2014

Book Review - Dinosaur Kisses

Dinosaur Kisses
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About the Book
For newly hatched dinosaur Dinah, the world is an exciting place. There is so much to see and do. She tries this — STOMP! And she tries that — CHOMP! Then she sees a kiss and knows just what she wants to try next. Who can she kiss? And after a few disastrous attempts, can she figure out how to give someone a kiss without whomping, chomping, or stomping them first? Young children will chuckle and cheer when Dinah finds just the right creature for her dinosaur kisses in this funny new picture book from David Ezra Stein.

My Take on the Book
Your young child, who may especially like dinosaurs, will enjoy this funny story using a dinosaur who just hatched from his egg. The dinosaur has a desire to kiss his friends but is not quite sure what a kiss is and this gets him into a little trouble.

However at the end of the story, he meets another baby dinosaur and they decide together to learn about kissing a friend.

This story will bring a smile and some laughter to your and your young child.

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