Dad of Divas' Reviews: Book Review - The Wimp-O-Meter's Guide to Jungle Survival

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Book Review - The Wimp-O-Meter's Guide to Jungle Survival

The Wimp-O-Meter's Guide to Jungle Survival
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About the Book
There's nothing wrong with being a wimp! At times, it makes perfect sense to be terrified. This funny, fact-filled new series will let you know exactly when those times are. You'll get the scoop on staying safe and surviving under even the most hazardous harnessing the power of your inner wimp! Getting attacked by killer ants, eating poisonous plants or catching yellow fever may be someone's idea of fun, but not ours! Explore the perils of the jungleĆ¢€¦including the best way to avoid them in The Wimp-O-Meter's Guide to Jungle Survival. Then collect the other Wimp-O-Meter books to ensure that your survival skills are up to snuff!

My Take on the Book
Talk about getting the chills. As this book starts talking about things like killer ants and yellow fever, among other things you have to question why anyone would want to go into the jungle, but then you think about the amazing beauty of nature and it places things in perspective. This was a fun look at adventure in the jungle and definitely gives you a ton of advice on how to survive in this dangerous place. A fun and fast read for the whole family!

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