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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DVD Review - 1 The Movie (Formula One)

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About the Movie
From the producers of the Academy Award® winning films Undefeated and The Cove, 1 tells the story of the golden age of Formula 1®, when the sport became terrifyingly dangerous and the drivers were like rock stars with charisma and raw talent, but with many of them paying the ultimate price. 1 is an action documentary showcasing the glamour, speed, danger and excitement of Formula 1® Grand Prix racing. Narrated by Michael Fassbender, the film tells the story of the golden age of Formula 1®, when the sport became terrifyingly dangerous. In the late 1960s, Formula 1® cars doubled their engine size and sprouted wings, making them incredibly quick, but even more hazardous. With money pouring in from sponsorship and a new worldwide television audience, superstar drivers were born, thrown like gladiators into the ring. The drivers were legendary with charisma and raw talent, but many of them paid the ultimate price. "1" follows the stories of the drivers who raced on the edge and those who stood up to change the sport forever. It is about the greatest show in the world: Formula 1®.

My Take on the Movie
For anyone that is interested in the history of the Formula 1 racing circuit this movie will definitely bring you up to speed. I am more of a novice at this type of racing, but I have to say that I have big admiration for anyone that can race these vehicles and this movie broadened this even more. The makers of this film did a masterful job at bringing together first hand information and race information for the true fan that will leave you compelled to learn more and on the edge of your seat as you watch the races themselves. The movie allows you to see the danger and the beauty of this sport and leaves you with a great respect for the sport and for the people who race in the sport!

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