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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Book Review - Be Strong Be Smart

Be Strong Be Smart
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About the Book
Be Strong, Be Smart: A Father Talks With His Daughter About Sex is a powerful book written by a father to his 14 year old daughter about her future sexual life. He talks about attitude, gender, fear, respect, anatomy, desire, orgasm, masturbation and, yes, love. This eye-opening read will appeal to parents, sons and daughters everywhere. It provides a great opportunity to read and begin a dialogue in a family. This is a must read for all parents!

About the Author
John Thomas Wood, PhD, is an author, veteran psychotherapist, consultant and workshop leader. He has written six non-fiction books and one novel. In his writing and work with people and organizations Dr. Wood has consciously explored the core issues each one of us faces in a lifetime, saying to the reader: here is what I have learned about the most important things in life. A long time member of Center for Studies of the Person in La Jolla, California, he now lives in the Northwest and devotes his time to writing and the visual arts.

My Take on the Book
As a parent of girls I am a bit freaked out over the idea of having "the talk" with my daughters, as I don't really know where to start. This book is an amazingly straight forward frank discussion with his readers (and his daughter) about sexual health. I actually reached out to the author to ask him how old was old enough to share this book ad its' contents with children. He stated that it was his intent to share this with a 14 year-old, but that he knew that every family was different. He also stated that he wrote this with the intent to provide families with talking points, and boy does he. This book gives way more information than I ever received as a teenager and even though this book is short, it is poignant and really will open a teens eyes to the world around them and will demystify sex and sexual health. This was a great book that I would highly recommend to all!

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